Glen Allen Polished Casual

This Glen Allen family created a more sophisticated backyard for entertaining that includes a versatile paver patio, fire pit, sitting walls, pergola, stairs down from the backdoor, complimentary landscape, and outdoor lighting. It also includes a stunning walkway with a water fountain focal point. 

Prior to the makeover, the backyard was very much centered around kids with open space for sports and a playhouse. The old backyard also featured a small deck and patio but both were poorly designed and unfunctional. After going through the Outdoor Dreams design process, the resulting space is both sophisticated and fun. The new backyard includes a complete outdoor living room designed with a polished casual style. This allows the outdoor living space to blend with the home’s traditional architecture while creating a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. 

Cohesive Crescent Curves

It’s important to tie the many elements of an outdoor living space together. Therefore, we paired the pergola and hardscape together using simple crescent curves. We gave the pergola beam end profiles a simple crescent curve and designed a simple patio inlay that features crescent curves around the pergola posts.

Subtle Texture Contrast

The elegant contrast between straight lines and geometric curves is highlighted by the Antika paver inlays throughout the patio and walkway. The Antika pavers paired with the BLU 60 slabs create a distinct, textural contrast. The Architectural and Valencia blocks used for the walls, pillars, and fire pit provide additional contrast. But each element of this outdoor room was designed with matching colors to tie all these structures together.  

Pergola Covered Lounge Area

One of the client’s “must haves” was a covered lounge area. The pergola creates dappled shade throughout the day and provides a mounting structure for a ceiling fan. The fan’s circulating air flow helps keep this area cool and the mosquitoes away. The added shade and moving air make this a comfortable spot throughout the day.

Fire Pit Area with Straight Lines & Geometric Curves 

The elegance of this space is created by the combination of clean, straight lines and soft, geometric curves. This balance of straight lines and curves is beautifully exemplified by the fire pit setup. This circular fire pit is tucked into a squared corner of sitting walls, instead of the often-seen curved wall.

This area is also highlighted by two pillars that bookend the sitting walls. These pillars add visual height and depth to the space. These pillars also provide a way to highlight potted plants and seasonal décor. During parties the taller height of these pillars make them a natural place for people to lean on, place drinks, and set plates.

Highlighting a Special Anniversary Gift 

One of the most unique highlights of this space is the walkway that connects the driveway to the patio. This walkway also features a combination of straight lines and geometric curves. Instead of a quick path between point A and point B, this walkway provides an interesting and casual stroll through the garden.

The focal point and driving force behind the walkway design is the garden fountain. This beautiful feature was an anniversary gift between the couple that they wanted to incorporate into the space. The walkway highlights the fountain and makes it a focal point of the entire space. Four hidden light fixtures illuminate the fountain at night.

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