Project Highlights

Location: Moseley, Virginia

Key Features: 500 Square foot Paver Patio, 200 Square Foot Paver Walkway, Sitting Walls, Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Pit and a Low Maintenance Landscape

Biggest Obstacle: This client lives at the end of a cul de sac and their backyard is the lowest grade point on the street. Put simply, the entire street slopes towards this middle of this backyard, right where you would want the patio to go. Before we broke ground on this project, you could see where the builder’s grade had settled, causing water to regularly pool in the backyard.

Solution: This project was carefully designed to allow water to flow back towards the natural area behind the property. Proper drainage was accomplished by installing a series of attractive retaining walls, burying the downspouts and an intelligent regrading of the entire backyard using the excavated soil from the patio and hardscape. Not only does the yard drain perfectly without standing water, the properly pitched grading allows the yard to dry out and remain usable.


Project Story

With their children now grown, this client wanted to create a special space to entertain friends and host family gatherings. The house was brand new and the backyard was a complete blank slate without grass. We were contacted after the client’s initial designer was not able to capture their vision.

This project was the first to feature one of Outdoor Dreams’ signature looks. The patio is composed of BLU 60 slabs, a 3-course Villagio paver border and an Antika paver inlay around the fire pit. It also features a kitchen and sitting walls composed of Mini Creta Architectural block. The backyard was finished off with some simple landscaping, accent lighting, and a clean sod finish.

The client loves their new space and this style has gone on to inspire many other Outdoor Dream projects!

The Outdoor Dreams Look

At Outdoor Dreams, we pride ourselves in our diverse design style and adaptability. That said, this patio and hardscape project, more than any other, has defined and shaped our portfolio. Upon completion, this patio and hardscape project became very popular among our clients and inspired numerous other outdoor living spaces. Prospective clients consistently point to this patio and hardscape as inspiration for the look they want to achieve. This project became so popular that many in the industry began to refer to this as the “Outdoor Dreams Look.” If you are interested in a curved BLU 60 patio with a 2-3 course Villagio border and an inlay of Antika pavers, just contact us and ask for the “Outdoor Dreams Look.”


Success with Curved Hardscapes

At Outdoor Dreams, we pride ourselves in delivering the best curved patios and hardscapes possible. More often than not, patio and hardscape installers are not able to truly replicate curves drawn by designers and architects. The result is patios and hardscapes that look OK, but never truly achieve the look that the designer and client had envisioned. This is why so many curved patios and hardscapes look a little “off” and resemble amoebas from science class.

The key to our success with curved patios and hardscapes has been creating designs that are replicable in the field.  A free-flowing curve conjured up by a designer may look good on paper, but it is impossible to replicate in the field by the patio and hardscape builder. Our designer learned many years ago that in order to truly replicate a design in the field, all of the lines must be accurately measurable. To achieve perfect replication during construction, all of our curves are designed using geometric circles and arcs with measurable radii. Though the curves in this project look free flowing, they are actually a series of connected, measurable circles and arcs.

The Outdoor Dreams Design Process

This project came to us after the client had already worked with an independent designer who practiced a very traditional design method. It became clear during our first consultation that, despite having all the desired features, the original patio and hardscape design was not really what the client truly wanted. The client liked curves and creative flair, but the original designer only included one curve around the fire pit and did not include any borders or inlays. After going through our unique design process, the result was this stunning patio and hardscape that features endless curves and creative touches. Though not functionally different than the original design, the resulting patio and hardscape was customized specifically for our client’s personal taste and style.

See What We Used

Patio: BLU 60 Slabs from Techo-Bloc (Champlain Grey), Villagio Pavers from Techo-Bloc (Chestnut Brown and Champlain Grey), Antika Pavers from Techo-Bloc (Sandlewood, Chestnut and Shale Grey)

Sitting Walls: Mini-Creta Architectural from Techo-Bloc (Champlain Grey), Architectural Caps from Techo-Bloc (Champlain Grey), York Pillar Caps from Techo-Bloc (Riviera)

Fire Pit: Valencia Blocks from Techo-Bloc (Champlain Grey), Architectural Caps from Techo-Bloc (Champlain Grey)

Outdoor Kitchen: Mini-Creta Architectural from Techo-Bloc (Champlain Grey)

Granite Counter (Santa Cecelia)

Plant Combination: ‘Schip’ Laurel, ‘Sioux’ Crape Myrtle, Maiden Grass, ‘Kanjiro’ Camellia, ‘Ruby’ Loropetalum and ‘Frost Proof’ Gardenia

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