Project Highlights:

Location: The Fan, Richmond, Virginia

Key Features: 700 Square foot Raised Paver Patio and Pool Decking, Sitting Walls, Cantilevered Benches, Wall Fountain, Planter Box, Contemporary Fence and a Low Maintenance Landscape


Biggest Obstacle: With every city project, the biggest obstacle is always the size of the space, even without a pool.

Solution: When size is an obstacle, time and attention must be given to the design of a hardscape space. This design was meticulously thought over and specific patio areas were devoted to dining, grilling and lounge chairs. Additionally, cantilevered cedar benches were included in the hardscape to provide seating that didn’t consume a lot of space. Though this lot was exceptionally small, even for a city space, the resulting space felt incredibly spacious because the design efficiently used the patio and pool deck areas.


Project Story

This client, a young couple, contacted us after their original contractor installed a complete disaster. The fountain wall and patio were crumbling after only a few months and the original design (or lack thereof) completely failed to capture their style.

We redesigned the space with a contemporary style that blends seamlessly into the traditional backdrop of the city. The design featured a two-level patio with an upper dining area and a lower lounge area. To blend the contemporary style with the traditional setting, all walls and plant boxes were done with clean, white stucco. For texture contrast, cedar accents were used in creating the privacy fence and cantilevered benches were built into the walls. The landscape features a wildflower-like mix of perennials and traditional evergreens for a unique, complimentary contrast.

In the end, the finished project exceeded the client’s expectations and the young couple decided to get married on the patio shortly after the project was completed!


Blending Contemporary Style into a Traditional Setting


To seamlessly incorporate a client’s contemporary tastes into a traditional city setting like Richmond, Virginia is no simple task. When selecting a paver for the patio and pool deck, we steered the client towards grey tones because they pair nicely with the antique brick. Tans and browns in pavers tend to look very artificial against antique brick; the greys blends resemble traditional granite and cobblestones. To achieve a contemporary look, we chose the Smooth finish of BLU 60.

For the walls, as with the paver patio and pool deck, we wanted to create a clean, contemporary wall that also paired well with the surrounding antique brick. Our designer immediately gravitated towards stucco because it is a traditional material, used throughout Historic Richmond, that looks great with antique brick as well as contemporary settings.



To blend this contemporary space into Historic Richmond, the landscape was equally as important as the hardscape. The key to this landscape started with an equal balance of classically traditional plants (boxwood, arborvitae and catmint) and contemporary choices that emphasize texture and shape contrast (upright verbena and Mexican Feather Grass). With the arrangement of the landscape, our designer used traditional boxwood and arborvitae in clean, organized hedges that contrasted beautifully with the free-flowing nature of the perennials and grasses. The landscape’s beautiful blend of color and texture pairs perfect with the hardscape as well as the city backdrop.


See What We Used:

Materials: Patio/Pool Deck:  BLU 60 Smooth Slabs from Techo-Bloc (Shale Grey)

Pool Coping: Bullnose from Techo-Bloc (Shale Grey)

Sitting Walls: White Stucco

Benches: Cedar

Fence: Cedar

Plant Combination: ‘Emerald’ Arborvitae, ‘Winter Gem’ Boxwood, ‘Walker’s Low’ Catmint, Verbena Bonariensis, Mexican Feather Grass

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