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Outdoor Dreams is proud to serve Glen Allen and its surrounding areas with high quality craftsmanship in our patio construction, pool construction, and other backyard remodeling needs like fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.

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Our Patio and Hardscape Projects near Glen Allen, VA

As with most of our projects, this outdoor space was designed specifically for an active family. Always on the go, our clients were looking to create a special place for their family to slow down and relax. Instead of investing in a vacation home that might only get limited use, this client invested in creating a backyard vacation spot that could be used every day.

The hardscape for this space is composed entirely of Techo-Bloc products. The patio and pool deck is composed of BLU 60 slabs with two Antika paver inlays. When selecting material colors, we chose Champlain Grey because its three-color blend provided everything the client was looking for. The two greys in the blend created a traditional look and the auburn-tan tied in beautifully with the antique brick of the house.

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Our Process

  1. Receive Your Feasibility Study
    1. We educate you on what it makes to correctly construct your project.
    2. We provide a detailed cost analysis so you understand the required investment.
    3. Our Feasibility Study fully prepares you to enter the design process.
  2. We guide you through the design
    1. We provide you with a variety of options at every stage of the design process.
    2. Our collaborative process ensures the project is a uniquely beautiful reflection of you.
    3. We design to satisfy your project goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
  3. We make your dream reality
    1. Every project receives onsite management from our certified Project Manager.
    2. We communicate clearly throughout construction, ensuring your have peace of mind as your project is built.
    3. Our work is backed by one of the industry’s strongest warranties.


At Outdoor Dreams we build more than just patios and hardscapes in Glen Allen. We build spaces that allow our clients to escape from the daily grind, reconnect with nature, and deepen relationships. These are spaces that will foster some of your most cherished memories with family and friends. Our hope is to build spaces that our Glen Allen community is strengthened by. That’s our Outdoor Dream.

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