Enjoy Your Richmond Patio for a Lifetime:

The Importance of Proper Build Practices

Though hardscape structures can outlast us all, you have seen countless patios, walkways and walls that are falling apart after only a short time. You want a patio and outdoor space that you can enjoy for a lifetime and that will add value to your home. To ensure a lifetime of enjoyment, you must educate yourself on why some structures last while others quickly fail.

Why patios and hardscapes fail

It’s no secret that the construction industry doesn’t value quality workmanship like it once did. Very often, the only difference between high end and mid-range construction are the materials being used.

UNREGULATED INDUSTRY: Build practices in patio building and outdoor remodeling vary wildly because the majority of outdoor construction goes completely unregulated. Aside from structures attached to the house (decks and porches), most localities have no permit or inspection process for outdoor structures like patios, fire features, outdoor kitchens, driveways and low walls.

LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: The cycle of failing patios and outdoor structures is also perpetuated by the lack of knowledge of both contractors and homeowners. Improper and outdated practices continue because contractors aren’t required to know any better and homeowners don’t have the knowledge to hold them accountable.

FAILURE STARTS BELOW THE SURFACE: Most failures in patio building and other outdoor structures are the result of improperly built foundations. Because the foundation is below the surface and never seen, contractors are not held accountable. When purchasing a patio and other outdoor structures, it’s important to remember that you are paying for more than just what you see above ground. For patios and other structures, the portion below ground is what determines the longevity.

SETTLING IS NOT NORMAL: The term “settling” is used throughout the patio and hardscape industry to describe a variety of failures in structural foundations. To justify these failures, it has become common to hear that settling is “normal” and “to be expected”. The truth is that these patio and hardscape failures are only normal in structures that are not built properly. When built properly, patio and hardscape settling is not normal and should not be expected.

“It’s important to remember that you are paying for more than just what you see above ground. For many of these structures, what is below ground is just as important.”

The result of improper patio building

LOSS OF ENJOYMENT: Whether it’s sloppy work or improper build practices that lead to failures, poor craftsmanship will lead to a lack of enjoyment of the space. Sloppy work will always stand out and act as a constant annoyance and disappointment. Improper build practices cause failures in your patio and hardscape structures that render the space dangerous, decreasing use (and creating additional disappointment).

LOSS OF VALUE: Just as a well-built patio and outdoor addition can add value to your home, a poorly-built, failing one can devalue your home. When selling a home with failing outdoor structures, potential buyers will immediately know that expensive repair and remodeling costs will be required to reclaim the space.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.”


high quality patios — guaranteed for life

As the pyramids of Egypt show, when built correctly, patios and other hardscape structures can outlast us all. At Outdoor Dreams, we strictly adhere to the highest standard of construction practices to ensure our patios and hardscape structures are built to last.

Outdoor Dreams proudly offers a lifetime structural warranty on all our dry-laid hardscapes, including patios, walkways, walls, fire features, kitchens and more. We know that properly built patios and hardscape structures should outlast us all and we back our proper build practices with a warranty that guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment.


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