Controlling the Cost of Decor

4 Tips for Controlling Decor Costs


When hosting a gathering like Outdoor Thanksgiving, you want your outdoor living space to look like it is ready for a magazine photoshoot. Often, because outdoor living spaces are open and grand, it can take a lot of decor to make an impact. As with most every aspect of party hosting, decorating costs can add up quickly. To keep your costs under control (or possibly at $0), consider these 4 helpful tips.



1. Take Advantage of Sales

Pumpkins, gourds and decorative corn immediately go on sale after Halloween. The same can be said for most autumn décor at craft and home improvement stores. Sometimes being aware and keeping your eyes peeled for good sales is all you need.





2. Utilize your Landscape for FREE

Try incorporating branches and leaves from your landscape; Pinterest has countless creative ideas to help inspire you. Clip a branch full of colorful leaves from maples, oaks, cherries and crape myrtles. Break up all of the orange, red and yellow with a bright pop of pink and purple blooms from Sasquana Camellias (pictured here), Encore Azaleas and Asters. Also, don’t discount using dried flowers, like those of ‘Limelight’ Hydrangeas. If your landscape doesn’t feature any fall interest, ask your neighbors or simply gather attractive leaves while on a walk.



3. It Never Hurts to Ask

If they’re not hosting Thanksgiving, your friends and neighbors might be happy to give you their pumpkins, gourds and other items that are set to be thrown away when the Christmas decorations go up. In the season of giving, you will undoubtedly find plenty of individuals that are willing to help.





Bring the Inside Out

4. Bring the Inside Out

Utilizing indoor decor that you already own adds no additional cost to your gathering. Over the years, we all accumulate new decorations, leaving old favorites to gather dust. An Outdoor Thanksgiving allows you to showcase everything you own, including older items that are currently just taking up space. If any of these items were gifts, an Outdoor Thanksgiving gives you an opportunity to showcase the item in a unique and special way. Be sure to take and send a few photos to the gift giver (if they aren’t already at your gathering), showing them just how much their thoughtfulness meant to you.





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