If you think you love ham now, wait until you try it on the grill. Sometimes called double-smoked ham, the already smoky flavor of a ham is enhanced beautifully when grill-roasted. Seasoned and glazed, the finished grilled ham will be a show-stopping centerpiece of your table. Additionally, you free up the oven for side dishes when you do the ham on the grill.

Picking a Countertop for your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen enhances your ability to entertain family and friends for an outdoor dining experience. Due to the harsh elements of nature, not all countertop options are appropriate for your Outdoor Kitchen. Here are some countertop materials to consider, and some to avoid, for your outdoor kitchen. Granite Granite is considered by most to […]

Holiday Tips: Thanksgiving on an Outdoor Grill

Grilled turkey You’ve had turkey from the oven and probably from a fryer. With your fantastic Outdoor Living Space, it’s time to try turkey from the grill. Whether using gas, propane or charcoal, grilling your turkey will infuse fantastic flavor and create a unique holiday experience. Additionally, with the turkey on the grill, your oven(s) […]