Enjoy Your Richmond Patio for a Lifetime:

The Importance of Proper Build Practices Though hardscape structures can outlast us all, you have seen countless patios, walkways and walls that are falling apart after only a short time. You want a patio and outdoor space that you can enjoy for a lifetime and that will add value to your home. To ensure a […]

Hardscape Patio Ideas

Choosing a direction for a patio renovation can be difficult. This list of hardscape patio ideas will help you narrow your focus and proceed with the perfect patio. Keep reading to see the different options you have and what's best for you during your hardscape renovation. Consider How You Plan to Use It The most [...]

How to Create a Budget for your New Patio Project, Pool Project, or Backyard Renovation

Before you ask how much it costs: The biggest question most homeowners have about their patio project is, “how much will it cost?” It’s an important question, but before it can be answered, you must first ask yourself, “how do I want to use this new space?”   Most homeowners know the major structures they […]