Rustic Suburban Patio

This client, a young couple with a son and a daughter on the way, contacted us because they were looking for more than “just a patio.” When going talking about inspiration, the client shared with us a photo of a rustic outdoor space on a mountain side. Though their suburban home provided a drastically different setting, we fully embraced the inspiration.

The final design featured a two-tiered patio that provided an open space for dining and a rustic area for lounging around a fire pit. The hardscape from the project is a unique combination of natural stone and Techo-Bloc products. The upper tier patio is composed of EVA pavers with an inlay border of Villagio pavers. Boulders are used to create the retaining wall needed for the upper level. To create the unique mosaic of the lower tier patio, we used a combination of custom-cut Maya slabs and Antika pavers. The fire pit and bench-style sitting walls are created with dry-stacked fieldstone.

To compliment this space, we created a rustic landscape that provides interest throughout the year. The plant combination was inspired by the rustic landscapes of Colorado and California. Included in the plant combination are Hollywood Junipers, Blue Spruces, Japanese Maples, Golden Redbuds, Switch Grasses and a textured mix of perennials. Boulders were used throughout the space for texture contrast and to complete the rustic look.

Gatherings can go late into the evening because of an extensive outdoor lighting system. Up-lights highlight all the trees as well as the house. The sitting wall has lights built into it and the steps between the levels are lit with garden path lights. This lighting system not only provides a beautiful ambiance, it provides safety throughout the rustic terrain of the space.

The finished space is loved and well used by the young family! Additionally, the space was featured in a Houzz article and won Outdoor Dreams a design award, also from Houzz.


Location: Midlothian, VA

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