Personalized Backyard Retreat

When we first met with this client, they were new to their home and quickly learned the shortcomings of their backyard. Because much of the forest area was protected land, they were left with a narrow strip of usable space that had a deceivingly significant slope. This young family was looking to make use of an unusable space; their dream was a multipurpose area for entertaining family and friends.

The final design made use of almost every portion of the backyard. To combat the slope, we constructed a two and a half foot retaining wall along the entire perimeter of the patio. This allowed us to create a level space for dining, lounging around the fire pit and an outdoor kitchen with bar top seating. The perimeter of the patio is accented by a creative “picket” style of sitting wall composed of Manchester wall blocks from Techo-Bloc. The kitchen and pillars are composed of matching Manchester blocks. The flooring is composed of Parisien pavers from Techo-Bloc featured in an ā€œIā€ pattern with a two-toned, 3 course border. Lighting accents, a pergola and simple landscaping complete this outdoor space.

This personalized retreat is well loved by the client and a picture was recently featured in Richmond magazine’s R-Home.


Location: Moseley, VA

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