Contemporary City Retreat

This client, a young couple, contacted us after their original contractor installed a complete disaster. The fountain wall and patio were crumbling after only a few months and the original design (or lack thereof) completely failed to capture their style.

We redesigned the space with a contemporary style that blends seamlessly into the traditional backdrop of the city. The design featured a two-level patio with an upper dining area and a lower lounge area. To blend the contemporary style with the traditional setting, all walls and plant boxes were done with clean, white stucco. For texture contrast, cedar accents were used in creating the privacy fence and cantilevered benches were built into the walls. The landscape features a wildflower-like mix of perennials and traditional evergreens for a unique, complimentary contrast.

In the end, the finished project exceeded the client’s expectations and the young couple decided to get married on the patio shortly after the project was completed!


Location: The Fan, Richmond, VA

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