Bluestone Beauty

This client, a family of three, contacted us to create a special place for entertaining family and friends. They wanted to remove their poorly-built deck and expand their outdoor living space to include a low-maintenance deck and a multi-purpose patio that included a weather-proofed portion under the deck.

The original grade of the yard required extensive excavation work and the installation of retaining walls to install the patio. During excavation, the garage foundation became exposed and required a creative solution to provide necessary insulation. The answer was a functional sitting wall that wraps the foundation. This sitting wall now provides bench seating for the dining table and is the client’s favorite feature.

The deck was built using PVC decking from Wolf Home Products and the patio is composed of patterned, variegated bluestone. The sitting walls and pillars are veneered using an irregular bluestone and capped with bluestone treads. With this renovation, we were also able to regrade the slope and make the entire backyard more usable.

The client loves the finished project and uses it for neighborhood outdoor movie nights!


Location: Henrico, VA

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